100 Strangers Challenge - 2015

Let's make no bones about this ... this is NOT my idea !  I have stolen this from a Facebook page of the same name to which I have also contributed all of the images on this page !  Basically the challenge is to grab images of 100 strangers, and to find out something about them ... so that they are NOT strangers !  Well ... something like that !

Anyway ... enjoy !

St James's Park, London, Jenna Avent (centre), Melissa Pugh and Ed the guitarist.  15/5/15.

Ed and Mel were from Bristol, visiting Jenna who lives in the city.

This was the very first 'strangers' photo I eventually plucked up the courage to take. Grabbed the shot, then went and spoke to them about it.

I love the fact that they are unaware of the camera. Luckily, they were happy to be included !
Meet Fatima, Alda, Alexandra, Isatu and Aliny, a group of friends who were on holiday in London. The girls all came from different countries ... Gambia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Spain.  15/5/15.

At Westminster, they were keen to get a picture with the London eye in the background, but the light wasn't playing ball, so, to keep them happy, I have added the background !

I know ... it's kind of cheating, but they will be happy with it!
Katalin from Hungary, again in St James's Park, London.  15/5/15.

She was reading the Hungarian version of Agatha Christies "The Third Woman".

Again, this was another where I grabbed the pic, and THEN spoke to the subject, this time because I didn't want her to be all 'posy' for the camera ...

I love the candid nature of this shot ! Katalin asked to see the pic before she would grant permission for me to use it because she didn't want me to be able to cut her head out and paste it into some dodgy websites !

A fair concern, I think !
Cathy and John from Ipswich at Westminster Bridge, London.  15/5/15

Cathy is a school teacher working with autistic kids. They recommended I go and see "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NIght Time". I didn't manage to, but apparently it is on tour soon, so I shall try to catch the touring show.

It's a small world, though ... I also work with autistic learners, and
John is a fellow photography enthusiast. !
This is Tilly, a fellow tog and student at a London university, who was out capturing images of some skateboarders on London's Southbank ! 16/5/15
Arnaut and Anne-Sophie from France !  15/5/15.

Another shot where I didn't want them to know I was taking the pic.

I love the very casual nature of this. When I initially spoke to them, to show them the pic and ask if I could use it, I think they were a bit anxious, but when I explained what it was for, they relaxed and were happy to be involved !

Guys, if you see this, I hope you found wherever it was you were trying to get to !