The images displayed on this page are of a reduced quality to enable faster online viewing.  The images are small samples of the collections, and serve only to demostrate the kind of work I have done.  If you are an aspiring model, actor or musician looking to have pictures taken, please get in touch using the Contact Me page.


Madeleine Jamieson
Make up by Leigh Donaldson

Katie Matsetse
Make Up Oonagh Murray

Caitlin Butchart

Make up by Leigh Donaldson

Jay Devine

'Spray Paint' make up by Leigh Donaldson

'Leathers' make up by Amber Steele

Gemma Chan
Make Up by Mary Beaton

Sarah Gulliver-Goodall

Annie Wilson
Hair and Make Up - Julie Moffat

Charlie Cook

 Fiona Glass


Alyce May

 Anna Zminda


Lina Sidlauskiene


(Flawless Imperfections)

Lina Sidlauskiene

 Abid Ali